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The Duchess of Duke Street DVDs

The Duchess of Duke Street DVDs
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The Duchess Of Duke Street is a BBC television drama series set in London between 1900 and 1925 created by John Hawkesworth.
Born into the servant class, Louisa Leyton rises from the scullery to become the best chef in Edwardian London and manager of the most elegant and discreet hotel in town. She learns the rules of high society from powerful men captivated by her beauty, but she never sheds her Cockney accent or attitude. Even in the throes of World War I, Louisa proves she can take whatever life dishes out and remain in a class all her own.
Based on the true story of Rosa Lewis, a culinary genius and owner of Londonís venerable Cavendish Hotel, this acclaimed BBC series dramatises the life of an indomitable woman in stories full of humour and heart.

Available in four parts at just £14.99 each or all 4 parts for just £49.99
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The Duchess of Duke Street DVDs