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Against Austerity T-shirt(G)

Against Austerity T-shirt(G)
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Economic analysis to wear on your chest
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Bankers bonuses, up. Almost everybody else's wages down, or at best frozen. Tax avoidance hardly reduced at all, the Bedroom Tax ruthlessly imposed. Student Tuition Fees tripled. University Vice Chancellors salaries rocketing. Austerity for the 99%, a bonanza for the 1%.

Our economc analysis is very simple. It wasnt the teachers, the nurses, shopworkers, the firefighters, the students, single parents and the rest of us who caused the financial crisis so why are we being punished with cuts and wage freezes? With Philosophy Fotball's 'Against Austerity' T-shirt wear your opposition on your sleeve, or in this case on your chest!

Unisex sizes small (36 inch chest/90cms), medium(40 inch/100cms), large (44inch/110cms), XL (48inch /120cms) and XXL (52inch/130cms). And Women's fitted style (34-36 inch chest / 70-90cms).

PLUS! With your shirt at half-price the brand new book Against Austerity by Guardian writer Richard Seymour, just £6.49 and postage-free. In an exclusive signed edition, while stocks last. A sparklingly original account of how ‘austerity’ is just one part of a wider elite plan to radically re-engineer society and everyday life in the interests of profit, consumerism and speculative finance. Full book details here

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20 QUID for a T shirt!!! do you know the meaning of austerity?
Supplier's Response:
Many thanks for your feedback, we value all responses. There is no such thing as a 'cheap T-shirt'. We refuse to use sweatshop cotton manufacturers, un-unionised printers or casual staff to pack our shirts. All of which would save us money. We produce a durable garment on hardwearing material that has been known to last 20 years. Our margins are low, our standards are high.
Mark Perryman, Philosophy Football
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Against Austerity T-shirt(G)