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"Beauty comes first. Victory is secondary. What matters is Joy." Socrates.
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A brilliant footballer who shared his name with one of the founders of philosophy. And when he retired he became a public intellectual and radical political activist. His manifesto for the game one the self-styled 'sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction' behind this unique T-shirt, aka Philosophy Football,are happy to endorse, Socrates is for us the definitive philosopher-footballer.100% cotton bespoke garment, yellow body, green cuffs and collar.

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Unisex sizes small (36 inch chest/90cms), medium (40 inch/100cms), large (44inch/110cms), XL (48inch/120cms), XXL (52inch/130cms). Available as listed in drop-down menu below.

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Customer reviews for Socrates(G)

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what a player
Socrates knew how to LOSE He didnt LOSE very often. He never made a LOOSE pass I hope the previous reviewer reads this.
Sócrates was a master of the football, and, unfortunately, left no Plato behind on brazilian fields. The current brazilian team sucks, instead of Soca, as this genius used to be known by the brazilian crowd. So this yellow T-Shirt remind us those great days of brazilian football, where Beauty used to be more important than victory. Where the football itself was more relevant than the ambiguous win-loose. Who wins? Who loses? It doesn't matter at all. Its the intrinsic joy that justifies this amazing game invented by England.
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