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Steve Bell's limiited edition Alex Salmond stress figure. First 500 with exclusive Salmond cartoon postcard drawn and signed by Steve Bell.
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On 18th September 2014 the people of Scotland cast an historic vote. Whether this represents a day of liberation or union, Steve Bell’s Alex Salmond squeeezy stress figure, emulating Marilyn Monroe’s famous 'air-vent pose', is perfect for relieving the tense responsibility of making history. Big 'Eck is 12 cms tall, limited edition of 750. With every squeezy purchased receive a free Alex Salmond cartoon postcard, drawn by Steve Bell. Sorry! The individually signed Steve Bell cards are now all gone.
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Customer reviews for SalmondSqueezy(G)

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A good likeness
A good likeness
Great fun
Pity it does not squeak when squeezed. Have it on the mantelpiece until 18 September, then depending on the result and your politics, leave it there or give it to the dog.
Where is the Alistair Darling or Nigel Farage figure?
StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank StarBlank Star
Alex Salmond has done a great deal for Scotland and is a much truer person than most other top politicians, bringing in free travel for the elderly, free tuition for students, free childcare - all the things the Guardian and Steve Bell espouse. And I am in the Scottish Green Party. And I used to like Steve Bell and buy his books.
Its hilarious! I love it! Hes Scottish so hes wearing a kilt and has painted his face! And hes wearing English flag underwear because of satire. It doesnt have to make sense, its satire and therefore it is very funny and if you dont find it funny then you dont understand satire and have no sense of humour.
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